Why Pregnant Women Benefit From Regular Chiropractor Visits

Many women often avoid visiting a chiropractor during the term of their pregnancy, fearing the chiropractic treatments could cause fetal complications. However, clinical studies show the opposite: that chiropractic care can actually reduce complications in the birth and can help the mother-to-be to stay healthy during the pregnancy. As your health as a pregnant woman directly affects the health of your baby, you want to be as healthy as possible during the pregnancy.

As the fetus develops in the womb, the mother may find that some organs feel “squished” or out of alignment. Carrying a heavy weight in the middle of the body for several months can cause the spine to move out of alignment, which can cause a number of medical and health concerns for the mother-to-be.

One of the key ways a chiropractor can assist the pregnant mother and the baby is to restore balance in the pelvic area. A misaligned pelvis can cause the baby to shift to a position that makes natural delivery difficult. Chiropractic care during a pregnancy could prevent a potential cesarean section by aligning the pelvis to enable the woman to give birth naturally. This also decreases the amount of stress placed on the uterus, so it could reduce the stress the baby feels.

Chiropractic care is holistic therapy because it considers how the nervous system interacts with every part of the body. Chiropractors have training in understanding how hormonal changes during a pregnancy can affect the body. While some of the hormonal changes are externally obvious, some are internal. A chiropractor can recognize when a pregnancy is being adversely affected by changes to the nervous system and can use special techniques to correct the undue pressure on the nervous system.

Swelling, fatigue, and pain are common discomforts during pregnancy. Chiropractors can help pregnant women to organize exercise regimes and work-outs that prevent fatigue and ensure the blood continues circulating throughout the body during the pregnancy, reducing swelling in areas such as the feet.

A chiropractor can help to alleviate the nausea often associated with pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Even though the baby may not yet ‘show’, the baby will be causing changes to the body. A series of treatments could alleviate the nausea caused by hormonal changes.

Back pain is one of the biggest challenges facing pregnant women, particularly in the last trimester. As the baby grows, the woman experiences increased pressure on the back muscles. Her centre of gravity shifts and this can cause constant back pain. A chiropractor can alleviate this pain and provide the woman with help to reduce further pain as the baby continues to grow.

Chiropractic care is completely safe for both the mother-to-be and the growing baby. A chiropractor can gently manipulate any spinal misalignments that the baby causes so that the mother remains comfortable and healthy throughout the pregnancy. Chiropractic care is natural and holistic, so pregnant women who are concerned about taking drugs, such as painkillers, during pregnancy can still gain alleviation from the pain. In fact, chiropractic treatments can be more effective than painkillers.

Pregnant women are consulting chiropractors for a wide variety of reasons. A good chiropractor offers holistic care for both the woman and the baby she is carrying, so that both can be safe, comfortable, and healthy during this precious time of growth.